Oswego Journalism Seniors 2012
For Journalists, writing the story is no longer enough

The digital age has made it possible for news to be shared at any moment in time.  The Internet and its popularity have made the job of reporting breaking news for a journalist even harder.  Information can be spread at the speed of light. While it is important to feel like we are always getting the news first, it is also important to make sure the quality of the news from the Internet is on par with news from print.

Journalists are raised on the idea that the story is all that matters.  However, the 21st century and the dependency on technology has derailed that notion.  Eric Newton agrees.  “The story is not the only thing that matters,” he said. “A story by itself does not change the world. Someone must absorb it, share it, act on it and yes, even pay for it.”

It is not all bad news for journalists though.  The aging of print journalism has many professionals worried about the relocation of resources to web-based projects.   Online revenues for most news media  reflect a different image.  Online revenues are still only a small fraction of the income from traditional print or broadcast.  After years of consistent increase in online advertising, there was a decrease in revenue between 2008 and 2009.

-Katherine Farrell